For any community related aspects, head to my Ravelry Group Skeindeer Knits. If you just want to talk, introduce yourself or express anything of relevance, I would love to see you there. This also applies to any questions  you may have about knitting colourwork, Norwegian yarns, patterns and publications.

For pattern support, asking for help in my Ravelry Group Skeindeer Knits will give you the fastest response. There are already topics there for each of the patterns and the Selbu mitten club. Pattern support queries on other social media such as Instagram and YouTube will not be answered.

For any Ravelry pattern shop related issues you may be experiencing, such as not receiving a paid-for-pattern, the best thing you can do is to contact Ravelry directly. Buying patterns on Ravelry is an automated process that designers have little to no control over, and cannot manually interfere with.

For any business / giveaway / sensitive enquiries  you can contact me privately on Ravelry, or email me at:

Before asking: Please beware that I do not make knitting video tutorials. I cannot help you get yarn, patterns and publications from Norway, nor tell you how to get it in your country. I cannot translate or offer pattern support for designs that are not my own, and I do not offer Ravelry support. Yes, I get asked this a lot. 🙂